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Caffè a due euro per i rom: Suzana Nanevska, giornalista macedone, scrive ad Amnesty International

Nei giorni scorsi questa lettera di una giornalista macedone in Italia, Suzana Nanevska, è stata recapitata ai vertici di Amnesty Internatiional: riguarda un nostro servizio sul caffè a due euro per i rom (per tutti gli altri 75 centesimi), un’inchiesta perr il Corriere della sera nella periferia est della Capitale in cui come in via di Tor Cervara capitano discriminazioni di questo genere.
La lettera:
Dear Sirs,
I am a Macedonian journalist who for years has treated Rom issues for several newspapers.Currently I live in Italy and know, as evident from what the Italian press also reports, that here exists a particular inattention to Roms and to the so-called nomads. To arrive, as You will see in the article that I send You, to a real discrimination in everyday life.The article I send You was published on 04/02/10 on “Corriere della Sera”, well-known newspaper and one of the most influential in Italy. The story is about a Rom girl (of Romanian nationality) who is forced to pay 2 euros for coffee, while the price of coffee is about 75 cents. The scene happens in front of agents who do not notice the case. The intention of the owners of the bar is to prohibit access to the nomads, and not being able to do that explicitly, they apply prohibitive prices for these customers.Given the almost permanent occurrence of stories of discrimination more or less explicitly to this ethnic group, I wonder if You as an organization that deals with the protection of human rights have other reports coming and what You can do about this?My colleague, the author of the article Paul Brogi, requested assistance from the Italian deputies, but they seem too busy with other matters. The Democratic Party declared to be interested and, if the story is true, will ask the license withdraw for the owners.No news until today. No institutional reaction until today.
This is the link for the article:
Thank You for the attention and look forward for Your feedback.
Kind regards,
Suzana Nanevska


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