Iran, sei anni di carcere alla giornalista Shahidi. Per reati ignoti

domenica, 28 Febbraio, 2010

Da Rahana, il sito di Reporters and Human Rights Activists of Iran riporto la notizioa della nuova condanna della giornalista Hangameh Shahidi.

RAHANA – Mohammad Mostafaie confirmed the news of the ruling and added that the Appeals Court has reduced the sentence to 6 years and $50 fine from the initial 6 years 3 months and one day. The 3-month one day reduction was granted for one count of insulting the president.
Following Shahidi’s arrest two days ago, Mostafaie who had gone to the Revolutionary Court to inquire was shown the Appeals Court judgement issued a day before his client’s arrest. Only God knows why she was arrested so hastily and only one day after court’s ruling, said Mostafaie.
Shahidi was arrested last Thursday after being summoned to the investigations office of the Intelligence Ministry to answer a “few questions”.
The journalist was first arrested shortly after the election on June 30, 2009 and released on $90,000 bail 161 days later.

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