Lonely Planet va incontro agli effetti del vulcano e regala 13 guide gratis per IPhone fino a tutto il 22 aprile

mercoledì, 21 Aprile, 2010

Free iPhone guides for stranded travellers

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In response to the widespread chaos caused by the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano, Lonely Planet is offering 13 of its European iPhone guides free.
‘Travellers stuck in unfamiliar places need access to practical information as well as suggestions on what to do whilst stranded’, said Tom Hall, Lonely Planet Travel Editor. ‘That’s why we’re giving away iPhone city guides to major affected destinations.’
The 13 guides will be available free until Thursday, 22 April from the iTunes app store. You can access them via the links below.
The cities included are:

Clarification: if you download the app for free, it is yours to keep. You will not be charged in the future for an app that you have downloaded free.

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