Polizia a casa di Anat Kamm per la visita di un parente

mercoledì, 21 Aprile, 2010

Anat Kamm, la giovane giornalista di Walla ex soldatessa accusata di tradimento per aver passsato a un  giornalista di Haaretz documenti secretati militari (in cui si evidenziavano misfatti dell’esercito israeliano in Cisgiordania) è agli arresti domiciliari a Tel Aviv, in un appartamento supervisionato per ordine dei giudici dai suoi parenti più stretti. La visita non programmata di un altro parente ha scatenato un’irruzione in forze della polizia. Questo l’articolo di Haaretz.

Police raid Anat Kamm’s house after unauthorized visit by relative
By Tomer Zarchin
Police staking out the apartment of Anat Kamm in Tel Aviv decided to raid it Thursday after she received a visit from a relative that had not been approved by the courts. Kamm is suspected of passing secret IDF documents to Haaretz reporter Uri Blau.

The incident occurred after another relative that had been approved by the court to visit Kamm had left the apartment.

As a result of the incident, Kamm was called yesterday to the international crimes investigation unit of the police for questioning.


Defense attorney Avigdor Feldman told Haaretz yesterday that “Anat was with a relative who, at that point, was not authorized by the court, but she did not know this.”

Kamm’s attorney stressed that the family member was eventually authorized by the court, and said that the police accepted the argument that the whole matter was a technical misunderstanding.

Police and prosecution refused to comment on the incident. Last week the Supreme Court ordered that the terms of Kamm’s house arrest be tightened, and ruled that she must be under constant supervision by one of four family members during the day at her rented apartment in Tel Aviv.

The justices rejected her request to ease the conditions of her house arrest, and accepted partially the prosecution’s request that she be held until the end of legal proceedings in her case.

According to the court’s ruling, Kamm is to appear at a police station once a week, accompanied by one of the family members charged with her supervision.

Kamm is accused of aggravated espionage, which carries a life sentence if she is found guilty. The documents she is suspected of passing on to Blau are believed to have been taken while she served as a secretary in the office of GOC Central Command.

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