Informazioni che faticano a trovare spazio

Una richiesta di aiuti dalla Cina

Questa è una mail arrivata avventurosamente dai posti deel terremoto in Cina. Giusto il tempo della connessione, poi caduta. Chiede aiuto. Dice di dare contributi alla Croce Rossa. Ecco la mail.

Hi mom,
I am fine. Send these to the Times Standard or the Chronicle or
something. Mention the need for aid. Tell them to tell people to donate
to the Red Cross. The scene is just horrific. So many mud brick houses
came down on people. Brendan barely made it out of his house alive. I’ve
been trying to look for survivors in the rubble with a Swedish woman, but
we are only pulling out bodies. There are several camps being set up
around town, and hopefully the government arrives soon. We are doing the
best we can, but it’s just total chaos here. Thousands are dead. Many
buildings have collapsed on the main streets, including some of the oldest
buildings in town. I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m seeing my
students around town and just hugging them. I know I have too many of
them, some of them didn’t make it. It’s too horrible to even think about
right now. The road into town is blocked, but it should be cleared soon.
I need to help. Pull some quotes out of there if you want. Love you,
love you, love you.
Arnold J. King

Non sappiamo da dove scrive, vediamo solo le foto che ha inviato.


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