Another brick …per l’Iran libero

martedì, 10 Agosto, 2010

Da The Huffington Post del 10.8.10:

Pink Floyd Hit Re-Worked As Iran Protest (VIDEO)
Iran’s politics and Pink Floyd make strange bedfellows in an updated take on the classic 1979 anthem “Another Brick In The Wall” sung by an exiled Iranian duo.

According to The Guardian, the reworked version — called “Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!” — is performed by Blurred Vision, two Iranian-born brothers who have been living in exile in Canada who would not provide their surname through fear of reprisals against family members who remain in the country. Shot by Iranian film director Babak Payami, the video intercuts footage of the band’s performance with news images of street violence following Iran’s 2009 elections, as well as a figure resembling the country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Already known for his outspoken stance on Iran, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters gave Blurred Vision permission to release the track, now available on iTunes. According to Sepp, one half of Blurred Vision, the song was chosen because it has become an underground youth anthem in his native Iran.

Watch the video here:

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