Birgitta Jonsdottir, l’islandese che gli Usa vorrebbero mettere al gabbio: il suo augurio-programma

sabato, 22 Gennaio, 2011

Questo è l’augurio per il 2011 di Birgitta Jonsdottir, parlamentare islandese amica di Assange, già blogger e artista, soprattutto tormentata di recente dai tentativi statunitensi di incriminarla in qualche modo per la sponda offerta a Wikileaks dal suo paese. Come si vede, Birgitta se ne sbatte altamente. Sotto la sua scheda e i suoi recapiti:

Birgitta Jonsdottir

Member of the Icelandic Parliament for the Movement. Member of the following parliamentarian committees:
Foreign Affairs committee, Environmental committee, EU application committee, Truth commission committee, Nato committee.

Before Birgitta Jonsdottir became a member of the Icelandic Parliament in April 2009
she worked as a writer, artist, activist, web developer, designer. This website is an artistic work in
progress since 1995, it is not a website of your traditional politician since Birgitta is everything
but your traditional politician. Her political views are not expressed on this website since
she does not think of politics as something beyond her everyday life. Being political is having
opinions. Every person has the opportunity to change the world. This has been the thread
Birgitta has woven through her life. This website is thus an artistic creation of life in motion.

Contact info:
Press Office: 354 692 8884
Skype: birgittajoy

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