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Febbre suina: in Inghilterra 254 morti da settembre ad oggi

Inghilterra: per la febbre suina da settembre 254 morti. I dati sul Guardian del 20.1.2011:

Figures show 254 flu-related deaths in UK since September

Health Protection Agency says rates of flu in Britain appear to be declining despite increase in number of death

Press Association, Thursday 20 January 2011 15.20 GMT Article history

A total of 254 people with flu have died in the UK since September, the government said today, with the figure up on the 112 cases reported last week.

Of 214 cases where information was available, 195 deaths were associated with the H1N1 infection.

The Health Protection Agency said that, despite the jump in deaths, rates of flu in the UK appeared to be declining, with GP visits and flu-related calls to NHS Direct decreasing.

The recording of deaths lags a week or two behind the period of peak flu activity.

The figures show that a total of 418 patients with suspected flu are being treated in critical care, down from 661 last week.

Of these, 20 are under five, six are aged between five and 15, 344 are aged 16-64 and 48 are over 65.

Of the 210 cases where information was available on age, seven deaths were of children under five, 11 of patients aged between five and 14, 137 aged 15-64 and 55 aged 65 or over.

The latest figures come after the government’s director of immunisation suggested GPs could be forced to hand over control of ordering flu vaccine.

Professor David Salisbury said he believed there was a “pretty compelling” case for the government to take charge.

His comments came a day after the government published draft legislation which would see 80% of the NHS budget pass to GPs with control of commissioning services.

The government has been forced to release stocks of last winter’s swine flu vaccine to bolster this year’s supplies of the seasonal flu jab.

While ministers have insisted there should be enough across England, they have acknowledged a “mismatch”, with some regions having too much vaccine and others suffering a shortage.

Patients wanting to be vaccinated reported being turned away from GP surgeries, while some doctors said they had run out.

But GPs – who order the vaccine based on estimates from previous years – remain adamant that they have not under-ordered.


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