L’Olanda controlla la radioattività dell’import giapponese

giovedì, 14 Aprile, 2011

L’Olanda controlla tutte le importazioni dal Giappone, misurando la radioattività. Ne dà notizia la giapponese Nhk World. E l’Italia? Boh…

Netherlands tightens radiation test on Japan goods

The Netherlands has started to take stronger measures to check radiation on imports from Japan following the accidents at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

On Thursday, the media was allowed to cover inspections at the Port of Rotterdam, one of the busiest ports in Europe. The first ship from Japan since the nuclear power plant crisis entered the port on the day.

Custom officials checked trucks carrying Japanese goods using devices measuring radioactivity.

In addition to their normal procedures, the Dutch government is conducting radiation checks not only on ships from Japan at sea, but also on Japanese goods before they land in the port.

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