Scrittori e artisti suicidi

martedì, 29 Novembre, 2011

Sctittori e artisti  che si sono suicidati:

Manuel Acuña (1873) Mexican poet

Jean Améry (1978), Austrian writer; overdose of sleeping pills

Diane Arbus (1971), American photographer, overdosed on pills and slashed wrists

Vincent Van Gogh (1890), Dutch Post-Impressionist highly influenced by other artists, later shot himself.

Ernest Hemingway (1961), American writer and journalist, death gunshot wound to the head.

Kostas Karyotakis (1928), Greek poet, gunshot

Max Linder (1925), French film and stage actor, double suicide with wife; veronal and morphine ingestion, cut wrists.

Mario Monicelli (2010), Italian film director, jumped out of a hospital window

Cesare Pavese (1950), Italian author, overdose of barbiturates

Sylvia Plath (1963), American poet, novelist, children’s author; committed suicide by gassing

 Anne Sexton (1974), American poet, carbon monoxide inhalation by running automobile in closed garage

Kurt Tucholsky (1935), German-Jewish journalist, satirist and writer, overdose[

David Foster Wallace (2008), American author; hanging

Virginia Woolf (1941) English author, essayist, publisher, and writer of short stories; suicide by drowning[

Stefan Zweig (1942), Jewish Austrian novelist, playwright, journalist and biographist

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