Ancora morti a piazza Tahrir: 19 vittime dell’esercito egiziano

sabato, 17 Dicembre, 2011

Sale il bilancio delle vittime a piazza Tahrir: 19 secondo Al Jazeera (qui sotto). In calce l’incontro di Sel ieri a Pietralata:

Cairo erupts in second day of violent clashes

Egypt’s army launches assault on Tahrir Square, clearing the area, after anti-military protests continue in the capital.

Egyptian soldiers with batons charged into Tahrir Square, beating protesters and burning tents on the second day of violent clashes and anti-military demonstrations in the capital.

The renewed fighting in Cairo on Saturday came as Egypt’s health ministry reported nine people were killed and more than 350 others injured since Friday when soldiers stormed an anti-military protest camp outside the parliament building, a short distance from Tahrir.

Soldiers stormed into Tahrir Square on Saturday and cleared the area as thick black smoke filled the skies following the eruption of a fire in the area around Egypt’s upper house of parliament.

“[These are] very nasty and such ugly scenes that we have witnessed for ourselves in downtown Cairo,” said Al Jazeera’s Sherine Tadros, reporting from near the scene.

“This is real violence that we have seen against the protesters, unarmed protesters being beaten by the military police and the soldiers.”

Tadros said the situation had calmed down over the last few hours: “Those protesters that had left the main square after the storming by the military are now dispersing and are not trying anymore to get back in the square.

“We have a situation where the military police and the military soldiers are securing Tahrir Square themselves. Also on the periphery, they are trying to make sure that no one who wants to get back in gets back in. That seems to be their main objective right now, to get people out and to make sure that the whole area does not become re-occupied, as they put it,” our correspondent added.

In Italia:

Un incontro sui 2ragazzi di piazza Tahrir” ieri a Sel di via Cuprea. Hanno partecipato Khalil Shahin direttore PCHR (palestinian centre for human rights), Daniele Atzori, Isadora D’Aimmo, Paolo Gonzaga,Gennaro Migliore, Luigi Nieri, Giuliana Sgrena e Nichi Vendola (foto di Andrea Brogi)


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