E’ morta la ragazza violentata a New Delhi da sei bruti. Ogni anno in India 24 mila stupri

venerdì, 28 Dicembre, 2012

E’ morta la giovane donna di 23 anni violentata da sei uomini su un autobus il 16 dicembre a New Delhi e poi trasferita nell’ospedale Mount Elizabeth di Singapore. La notizia poco fa da Indian Express del 28.12.12:

Delhi gangrape: Indian rape victim dies in hospital

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|Associated Press : Singapore, Sat Dec 29 2012, 03:42 hr

Doctors say a young Indian woman who was gang-raped and severely beaten on a bus in New Delhi has died at a hospital in Singapore.

A statement by Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth hospital where the 23-year-old victim was being treated said she “died peacefully” early Saturday.

The horrific ordeal of the woman galvanized Indians, who have held almost daily demonstrations to demand greater protection from sexual violence, from groping to rape, that impacts thousands of women every day, but which often goes unreported.

She and a male friend were traveling in a public bus on Dec. 16 evening when they were attacked by six men who raped her and beat them both. They also inserted the rod in her body, stripped both naked and threw them off the bus on a road.

Tra i violentatori anche l’autista dell’autobus. Dal Times of India:

The accused, identified as Ram Singh, 30, was driving the bus which he uses to ferry students of a prominent school in Pushp Vihar as well as Noida.

Police also arrested Mukesh, who was an accomplice.

Dal New York Times:

India, which has more than 1.3 billion people, recorded 24,000 cases of rape last year, a figure that has increased by 25 percent in the past six years.

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