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Suicida in carcere il capo-gang dello stupro mortale di New Delhi

Suicida in carcere il capo dei violentatori della ragazza poi morta di Delhi. Dal Times of India dell’11.3.13:

Ram Singh’s demons took him to his grave: Nirbhaya’s dad

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ByPrerna Sodhi

Prerna Sodhi, TNN | Mar 12, 2013, 01.06 AM IST Times of India

NEW DELHI: Ram Singh’s “demon” took him to his death, Nirbhaya’s father said on Monday reacting to the alleged suicide of the mastermind of the gang that had gang raped, tortured and brutalized his daughter. Others in the family said they believed “death” would have come to Ram Singh anyway. It was only a matter of time.

“The demon that led Ram Singh to do what he did with my daughter also led him to his death,” Nirbhaya’s father said. Struggling with a painful knee infection, he hoped that the alleged suicide wouldn’t affect the course of the trial.

Nirbhaya’s family got to know about Ram Singh’s strange death around 7am on Monday. Her mother said the family had mixed emotions about the turn of events. “We lost our daughter and nothing can take away that sadness, but Ram Singh’s death is some kind of justice,” she said. The family feels it would have been better had he faced trial and then punished. Still, we felt “God is with us,” her brother said.

A science student, Nirbhaya’s brother said his studies took a hit during the 10 days when his brave sister clung onto life. He said although his sister’s tragic death had scarred him for good, he still dreamt of becoming an engineer. “I have started studying for the entrances due in April and June. A private tutor is tutoring me.” After he finished Class XII in 2011, he decided to drop a year till his sister was done with her physiotherapy course.

On the night of December 16, Nirbhaya was gang raped inside a bus, brutalized and thrown out to die with her friend. Ever since that day, the family has struggled to cope. They braved the traumatic days, when Nirbhaya fought for life at a city hospital and in Singapore. Then, after she died, they grappled with the loss. Nirbhaya’s mother’s blood pressure is now under control, but her father is down with a knee that’s swollen because of fluid accumulation.

Nirbhaya’s friend’s family, on the other hand, seemed confident that the new twist wouldn’t affect the trial. “One of the accused has committed suicide, the others are being tried. It would have been a lot better had Ram Singh faced trial and was then punished,” the friend’s father said.

“What could have happened months from now, happened today. He was ostracized by society. People used to abuse him wherever he went,” the friend’s father added. Nirbhaya’s friend’s family also raised concerns over jail security, which could not ensure Singh’s safety. “It is the carelessness of the authorities who could not ensure his security. We hope this laxity is investigated properly,” the friend’s father added.


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