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Il Daily Mail: si chiama Ceyda Sengur la manifestante in rosso simbolo di piazza Taksim

La manifestante in rosso di Piazza Taksim che resiste allo spray del poliziotto. E’ lei il simbolo della protesta turca. Si chiama Ceyda Sengur. L’ha scoperto l’inglese Daily Mail. Ecco l’articolo:

his is the first picture of the Turkish academic since she became the unwitting icon of the country’s mass protests after she was pictured being sprayed with tear gas.

Dubbed ‘The Woman in Red’ because she was wearing an elegant red dress when she was gassed, Ceyda Sungar has said she is uncomfortable with her fame and has no desire to be a figurehead of the movement.

‘There are a lot of people who were at the park and they were also tear-gassed,’ she told Turkey’s TV24. ‘There is no difference between them and I.’

Nevertheless, pictures have reverberated around the world of Miss Sungar, an academic in city planning at Istanbul Technical University, turning away from massed riot police as one officer sprays tear gas at her face.

Endlessly shared on social media and recreated as artwork on posters and stickers, the image – dubbed ‘The Woman in Red’ – has become the leitmotif for female protesters at recent violent anti-government riots in Istanbul.

But the academic, who is part of the Taksim Solidarity Platform protesting against the redevelopment of the park, has shied away from media attention.

She is believed to be uncomfortable with her position as the focal point of the movement – although her image alone has become a galvanising force for fellow protesters.


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