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Mercoledì ore 23: piazza Taksim riconquistata dai manifestanti. Manifestazione in corso ad Ankara

Taksim è stata di nuovo in mano ai giovani turchi che manifestano pewr la libertà del loro paese. Una forte manifestazione è in corso anche ad Ankara. Qui di seguito gli aggiornamenti alle 23 italiane minuto per minuto dal sito (la Turchia è un’ora avanti):


[Ankara] Number reached to 5000 in Kennedy. People have set up the barricades and they are waiting for police.


[Ankara] Demonstrations in Mamak Tuzluçayır square and Dikmen have ended.


[Ankara] In Kenndy Avenue nearly 500 gathered. Number is rising. People shouting “Resign Dictator.” “Everywhere Gezi, Everywhere Resistance”.


[Ankara] People of Dikmen are still waiting, despite police announcement to disband.


[Ankara] People of Dikmen are still waiting in front of police barrier.


[Adana] Hundreds of people in Adana gathered in Direniş Park (Atatürk Parkı) at 19:00, activities continue as common tables set.


[Istanbul] Piano sounds in Taksim Photo and


[Istanbul] The people that marched from Cemevi, met the people who were waiting in Atakent. March continues.


[Izmir] In İzmir HDK groups have reached the AKP Basmane county building.


[Istanbul] “Familiar” assurance from Governor Mutlu to Gezi: “There are provocative rumours that there will be an intervention(attack) tonight. Do not believe them.”


[Ankara] Protestors stopped before reaching Polisevi unlike the days before. Police anounced “If you dont disband in 5 minutes, you will be disbanded by force.”


[Ankara] In the bars and cafes of Kennedy Avenue and Bestekar Street people are watching Halk Tv-Çapul tv common broadcast.


[Istanbul] People chain in Taksim again. Photo


[Ankara] Thousands of people in Batıkent marched to the brain-dead Ethem Sarısülük’s house. People shouting “Martyrs of the Revolution are immortal.”


[Sinop] People of Sinop gathered in the Uğur Mumcu Square and enthusiastic marched through The Yalı Coast, Tuzcular Avenue, Aşıklar and Sakarya avenue. After the march people promised each other to gather at 20:00 in Uğur Mumcu Square.


[Istanbul] The number of protesters in Okmeydanı has exceeded five thousand. People are walking towards Yolağzı.


[Istanbul] In Gazi District thousands of people meet at open microphone. Due to police attacks, a small conflict took place.


[Ankara] Nearly five thousand people of Keçiören cortege marched through İncirli Secondary School to Bası Avenue, than Papaz River.


[Ankara] At the march in Dikmen firework is being thrown.


[Ankara] The march that started at 21:00 in İlker is continuing to Dikmen Avenue. Thousands of people chanting slogans like “Resign Tayyip.” and “We are with you, Gezi”. The march that started in Keçiören Danişment is continuing with thousand people. In Tunalı and Bestekar people are gathering. In Kuğulupark nearly 2500 people have gathered.


[Istanbul] Marches that started at 21:00 came together in Kartal Square.


[Istanbul] In Sarıgazi thousands of people are marching in Demokrasi Avenue. Photo


[Istanbul] In Beylikdüzü people are marching with the slogan “Resign Tayyip” Photo


[Istanbul] In Gazi people started to get to the streets. Open microphone is set up again.


[Istanbul] In Esenyurt Gezi Park protests started with slogans “The day will come, the change will come,- the AKP will have to give an account to the people” Photo


[Istanbul] In Merter Tozkoparan a pan choir is at work!


[Istanbul] The march in the Okmedanı is continuing. Number is increasing. Everboydy is at the window.


[Istanbul] The people of Beylikdüzü started their march in front of town hall.


[Izmir] In İzmir the branch of HDK is marching from Gündoğdu Square, Alsancak to Akp Basmane county building. HDK shouts “Resign Tayyip.” People around are supporting them with applauses.


[Istanbul] In Cennet District there is a big anger. People are cutting the traffic on the E-5 motorway.


[Istanbul] The people in Gezi Park are shouting out all together “This is the start. The resistance will continue!” Gezi Park calls “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism.


[Çanakkale] The People of Çanakkale came to the front of AKP provincial office. They are shouting “Tayyip Resign”.


[Istanbul] In Okmeydanı thousands of people went out on the streets. The anger to the attacks against Taksim is huge.


[Istanbul] The people of Kadıköy are gathering at the Boğa. The march will be starting soon.


[Istanbul] In the Küçükçekmece Cennet District, the crowd started to march on Hürriyet avenue.


[Istanbul] Hundreds of people in Sarıyer Ömürtepe and Dağevleri started to protest on the streets against the attacks to Gezi.


[Antalya] Poets and bands are continuing their performances. Before that, Kutay Meriç, member of the “Halkevli” (leftist organization), held a speech. At 19:00, 1’000 people followed the call of KESK, DISK, TMMOB and ÇHD to gather and marched from the Halk Bank to the Cumhuriyet Square.


[Istanbul] A part of the crowd is shouting “We will win by resistance.” and is waiting on the stairs.


[Istanbul] People continue to gather at Taksim Square. Artists and members of parliament sit on the road.


[Hopa] People are approaching the city center, continuing blocking the traffic.


[Ankara] Despite the morning attacks against the tents and banners and the terror of the TOMAs (armoured police vehicles) around the park, people from Ankara are coming to Kuğulupark. Hundreds of people are protesting against the attacks on the Gezi Park, Kuğulupark and Tunalı Hilmi Avenue.


[Antakya] The numbers of people, marching for Ali İsmail Korkmaz, from Antakya Ekinci, to the Uğur Mumcu Park, has reached two thousand. A convoy has been formed by 200 vehicles. The protesters are in Çekmece right now.


[Istanbul] In Istanbul people are on their windows and balconies with their pans!


[Çanakkale]The people of Çanakkale are marching through Akp provincial office, closing Cemircioğlu Avenue to traffic, after they have been heard by the visitors of Turkish Olimpics.


[Istanbul] The members of the parliament of CHP who are in Gezi Park made a press conference . Sezgin Tanrıkulu who made the announcements, said: ” I hope the incidents that took place yesterday are not happening today. Tayyip Erdoğan is trying to polarize. But due to the polarize politics there are every colours of people here today. If his attitude doesnt change, this desastrous situation will make things worse. We are calling for the governor and the minister of internal affairs. Don’t let the interventions like yesterday happen again.” Tanrıkulu also said that 4 members of the parliement will meet the governor.


[Istanbul] The musician Manu Chao denounced the police violence: “Stop Police violence in Türkei.” Manu Chao made a call for support of the protesters in Turkey.


[Ankara] After the participation of people, who came from work, more than 300 people are protesting with poems and songs. The poems of Nazım Hikmet and Ahmed Arif caused applause. Some of the people of Ankara brought and shared their food. After the action took place, a member of the Studentscollective, Çağdaş Ersoy, made a statement: “Parks are not for the police or TOMAs,- parks are for the people. Parks are not existing for spraying tear gas, beating up people, shooting ammunition agains human beings. In parks poems are read, songs are sung, people talk to each other.” Ersoy called everyone to be in the Güvenpark at 18:00 tomorrow (13 June). After the protests finished, people went to Kuğulupark as it has been attacked by the police in the morning and is still being blocked by the police.


[Çanakkale] The people of Çanakkale have closed the Kordon to traffic and started to march. The crowd is shouting “Tayyip to America, to the Fettullah.” and “Tayyip Resign” in front of the Stadium of the 18th March, where the Turkish Olimpics took place. Police errected a barrier between the approx. 1’000 people and the stadium.


[Hopa] The participation of the protest in Hopa has increased. Protesters are more than 2,000 in Sundura District. People who don’t participate actively in the protest, shouted with the crowd and applauded them from their houses.


[Hopa] The people of Hopa gathered at the University Crossroads. Hundreds of Hopa People are marching through Sundura District, the number of people is increasing. People are chanting: “Tayyip Resign.”, “Shoulder to shoulder against fascism”. Photo


[Istanbul] Journalists from Canadian CBC television Sasa Petricic and Derek Stoffel have been detained. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Canada sent his worries to the Turkish Embassy.


[Ordu] The people of Ordu shouted, due to the AKP lies and the police fascism: “Everywhere Gezi Park, Everywhere resistance”, “Tayyip resign” and “Everywhere Kızılay.” 500 people who gathered in front of 19 Eylül Primary School, marched to the Atatürk Park. Protesters disbanded after announcing,that protests will be tomorrow at the same place 19:00.


[Istanbul] Sezgin Tanrıkulu [civil right activist lawyer, member of the civil rights association of Diyarbakir] : We will be in the Abdullah Cömert tent in Gezi Park with our representatives.


[Ankara] To protest against the attacks on Gezi Park, a group has started to read books in Kızılay Güvenpark. The 50 reading people increased to 150 in a short time. Police, that was annoyed by the book reading people, found an interesting justification: 4 banners that include statements like “This book will be finished in 24 hours”! After that, the police made an anouncement: “Leave the banners or we will attack”,- protestors decided to vote. After the voting a large group of people decided to leave the banners where they are. 150 university students, holding books in their hands, are followed by the police with dogs.


[Istanbul] Taksim Solidarity one more listed up its demands time during the statement and expressed its determination.


[Niğde] The people who had a sit-in in Niğde, were sent away from the square by a civilian police officer as they had no permission for that according to the police.


[Istanbul] Press release is made on behalf of Taksim Solidarity.


[Istanbul] Modern Lawyers Association and Free Lawyers Association called for a media conference about the attacks on lawyers in Çağlayan yesterday. There have been protests against yesterdays attacks in Çağlayan Courthouse today.


[Gezi Radyo] News at 20:30 local time, English news 20:45 Link


[Niğde] In Niğde protests has begun. People are sitting in at the town square.


[Samsun] In Samsun people gathered in front of Öğretmenevi. Thousands of people marching on the road and they cut the traffic for cars.


[Istanbul] People on the Gezipark stairs shouting “Your TOMAs your gas leave us cold!”


[Istanbul] Ümit Kocasakal, the head of Istanbul Bar Association, during his press release stated about AKP fascism: “This is a very dangerous kind of dictatorship”.


[Istanbul] Started in front of İstanbul Bar Association, the lawyers are getting more crowded and heading to Taksim


[Antakya] In Antakya, a demonstration is happening for Ali İsmail Korkmaz, severely wounded by the police in Eskişehir. , where he’s from. The crowd is marching towards Ugur Mumcu Square, Ekinci, Antakya, where Ali Ismail Korkmaz was born.


[Istanbul] İstanbul meet at Taksim Square through the call of İstanbul Taksim Solidarity.


[Eskişehir] A demostration supporting Ali İsmail Korkmaz, who was severely wounded by the police is taking place in Eskişehir. A thousand of people are marching alongside Doctor’s Road (a mall area) towards Adalar. From the train stations and from house’s windows, inhabitants of Eskişehir are supporting the demonstration clapping.


[Ankara] Labourer of Ostim, Ethem Sarısülük, who was shot in the head [some days ago] by the real bullet used by police, is brain dead. Doctors announced that there must be a 90 hours waiting for the physical death.


[Bolu] People of Bolu will meet in front of Akbank in the Bankalar avenue at 19:00. There will be cinema shows and book reading protests.


[Istanbul] Members of Progressice Lawyers Association (CHD) Istanbul Branch are meeting in front of Istanbul Body of Barristers at 18.30 and they will be walking to Taksim


[Ankara] College and high school students called everyone on social media to meet at 18.00 at Güvenpark. Organized under the motto:”Ideas are gas-proof.”, people will read books under the police siege during the protest. Photo


[Ankara]Police, who has attacked Taksim Gazi Park like a massacre rehearsal, has attacked Kuğulu Park at morning hours where thousands of people gather all evenings. A morning attack has been made to Kuğulu Park. Despite the support of the people of Esat-Tunalı Hilmi, police attacked the park collected the tents and banners due to “the complains of the region citizens”. Police announced protesters “The protest you have been doing is illegal, disband.” But the protesters didnt disband. As the number is increasing in the park, 2 TOMA, 2 armoured police vehicles and 2 city buses of control riot forces is still waiting around the park. Two members of parliament of CHP, Aylin Nazlıaka and İzzet Çetin is supporting the protesters in the park.


[Istanbul] Serkan Ocak, a journalist for the newspaper Radikal, has released a video of the yesterday’s police violence against tens of thousans of people in Taksim Square. Video Mirror


[Istanbul] Türk-İş İstanbul Branches Platform will walk from Galatasaray Lycee to Gezi Park at 6.00pm.


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