Ministro palestinese muore d’infarto dopo essere stato colpito e spintonato dall’esercito israeliano durante una protesta a Ramallah

mercoledì, 10 Dicembre, 2014

Ministro dell’Autorità palestinese muore durante una protesta nei pressi di Ramallah. Colpito e spintonato da soldati israeliani. L’alto dirigente, Ziad Abu Ein,  è deceduto a seguito degli incidenti con l’esercito israeliano durante una manifestazione nel villaggio di Turmusiya. Abu Mazen ha indetto tre giorni di lutto nei Territori Occupati. L’uomo preso alla gola, poi sarebbe stato colpito dai soldati. Ue: “Inchiesta indipendente”. Qui di seguito Haaretz che non pubblica però la foto con poreso alla gola, poco prima di cadere esanime a terra. Haaartz spiega comunque che è stato colpito e spintonato dai soldati. Nel titolo però si annunciano probabili futuri scontri.

Intanto lunedì è previsto un incontro a Roma tra il negoziatore Kerry e Netanyahu.

Ecco Haaretz:

IDF prepares for West Bank clashes following minister’s death

Demonstrations taking place in Qalandiya and Jilazun; Israeli pathologist to take part in autopsy of Zaid Abu Ein, who died at West Bank protest. UN, EU call for ‘transparent investigation.’

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The IDF is preparing for clashes across the West Bank following the death of Palestinian Authority minister Ziad Abu Ein, who died on Wednesday at a protest in the West Bank. Clashes have already been reported near the Qalandiya checkpoint and in the West Bank refugee camp Jilazun.

Witnesses and officials said Abu Ein, the Palestinian minister in charge of the Settlements and Annexation Wall portfolio, died Wednesday shortly after being hit and shoved by Israeli soldiers during a protest near Ramallah. These reports have been disputed, including by Israeli journalists present at the scene, and according to some reports in Israeli media, the army believes Abu Ein suffered a heart attack, but is continuing to investigate.

The Palestinian Authority has agreed to allow an Israeli pathologist from the Abu Kabir Forensics Institute take part in the autopsy.

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories, Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, agreed on the participation of the Israeli pathologist with his Palestinian counterpart Huseein al-Sheikh. According to the IDF, Mordechai also offered al-Sheikh to set up a joint team to investigate the incident.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced three days of mourning and halted all contacts and security coordination with Israel. Abu Ein will be buried Thursday, and an autopsy is being conducted.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Special Coordinator in the Middle East, Robert Serry, urged Israel to investigate the incident: “I urge the Israeli authorities to conduct a prompt, thorough and transparent investigation into the circumstance of his death and appeal for calm.”

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini also called for “an immediate, independent investigation” into Abu Ein’s death, adding that “reports of excessive use of force by Israeli Security Forces are extremely worrying.”

Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ein at a protest in the West Bank on December 10, 2014. Photo by Chaim Levinson

Abu Ein, a prominent member of the Fatah Revolutionary Council, was taking part in the protest held as part of the struggle of Palestinian villages Turmusiya and Al Mugheir against the illegal settlement outpost of Adei Ad, which has taken control of their land and prevented them from cultivating it.

To mark International Human Rights Day, Israeli rights group Yesh Din on Wednesday petitioned the High Court of Justice to evacuate the outpost.

The minister fainted and a Palestinian Authority ambulance evacuated him from the scene, in the village of Turmusiya, to the hospital in the nearby Palestinian city of Ramallah. He died en route. Abu Ein suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure, his family said.

E questa è invece la foto sui media italiani:

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