Informazioni che faticano a trovare spazio

E ora c’è anche un gangster bulgaro che dà la caccia ai migranti siriani

Nelle didascalie delle foto  il Daily Mail, ritraendolo, lo qualifica come gangster bulgaro. Si chiama Dinko Valev e ha organizzato raid per catturare immigrati siriani che passano il confine tra la Turchia e la Bulgaria. L’area interessata è quella intorno alla cittadina di Yambol. L’articolo è di marzo. Mostra poveri migranti stesi per terra a faccia in giù.

Finalmente nei giorni scorsi il “gangster”, un energumeno dotato di cingolati ed ex praticante di wrestling, sarebbe stato fermato dalla polizia. Forse solo un fermo di poche ore.  Mancano i dettagli. Ecco cosa ha scritto il Daily Mail sul Far West bulgaro e questi nuovi fascisti:

EXCLUSIVE: Bulgarian ‘migrant hunter’ leads vigilante patrols in armoured vehicles to round up and terrorise refugees along the Turkish border… and boasts ‘it’s a sport’

Dinko Valev’s units use military vehicles and dogs to hunt asylum seekers

He hands illegal migrants over to the police ‘because they are all jihadists’

Wants Bulgarian state to fund operation and pay for every captured refugee

Human rights group accuse Valev of terrorising migrants with death threats



PUBLISHED: 11:33 GMT, 10 March 2016 | UPDATED: 13:25 GMT, 10 March 2016
Migr 1

Migr 2

Dinko Valev, 29, has managed to acquire two armoured vehicles to travel through rough territory around the city of Yambol near the border with Turkey.

He says the reaction has been so positive among the population that he is now trying to recruit more people to expand his vigilante operation.

And he even wants the Bulgarian government to fund the operation and pay for every captured refugee.

He regards every illegal migrant as a jihadist and dismissed claims he was terrorising his captives.

He said: ‘I would describe it as simply a sporting activity. You can’t describe sportsmen as violent.


Valev says people have been turning up with off-road trial bikes and dogs to help in the search for illegal immigrants.

Others, including himself, also set off on their hunts on horses. When captured, the immigrants are then handed over to police, he said.

But the hunts organised by Valev have been slammed by the Helsinki Committee who have demanded officials clamp down on the immigrant roundups being organised by Dinko, saying what he is doing is illegal and branding him a criminal.

The Helsinki Committees for Human Rights are non-profit organisations devoted to human rights present in many countries, including Bulgaria.


In a statement to MailOnline, a spokesman said: ‘Valev admits that he has hurt these people.

‘His victims included men, women and children fleeing Syria. In one incident, he forced them to lie face down for half an hour after terrorising them with death threats.

‘In another refugee roundup, he boasts about tracking a man for a while before finally capturing him.

‘He repeatedly makes offensive remarks about refugees and it’s clear that he plans to expand his volunteer corps to focus on capturing more asylum seekers.

‘Even more worrying is that he wants the state to fund his operation and to pay for every captured refugee.

‘So he is not only spreading fear of refugees within Bulgarian society, and inspiring people to treat them with disgust and hostility, and to reject them, but he’s also asking for his actions to be supported.’

Instead of getting the backing of authorities, the Helsinki committee statement sparked widespread outrage with a petition now being organised which has attracted thousands of signatures, demanding people support Valev.

In the first few hours alone, it ended up with 2,000 supporters.

Comments included one who wrote: ‘We don’t have a state that cares for Bulgarians. It is time for all Bulgarians to be united. I am proud of what Dinko is doing.’

Another added: ‘Dinko is hero, we need more like Dinko. Jail time for the members of the Helsinki Committee, not for Dinko, you traitors!’

A Facebook page has also been set up supporting him.

Facebook user Hristo Dimov wrote: ‘Let’s protect Dinko from the Bulgarophobe such as the Helsinki committee.

‘People are beaten on motorways, in discos, robberies are happening every night and every day,

‘But Dinko Valev who protects us from the refugees and assists border controls in their work should be prosecuted?’

Speaking on Bulgarian national TV, Dinko Valev said he had started the patrols after himself becoming a victim of an attack by migrants is now determined to round them up and see that they were evicted from the country.

He said they wanted to steal his motorbike and were shouting ‘Allah’.

He said: ‘I’m not organising anything other than inviting people to join me.

‘I would describe it as simply a sporting activity. I am a sportsman, you can’t describe sportsmen as violent. I have to do a public service at the same time that protects Bulgarians.’

Meanwhile, he has made no secret of the fact that he regards every illegal immigrant as most likely a jihadist.

In a TV interview, Valev said they make sure that all the immigrants they capture are handed over to police.

Police have yet to take measures against the bounty hunter, although the Minister of Interior Rumyana Bachvarova has asked locals to report if they have information about illegal activities.





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