Morto in Cile Sergio Arellano Stark, aveva diretto la Carovana della Morte con Pinochet, era sotto processo a Roma

sabato, marzo 19th, 2016

È morto in Cile il boia della Carovana della morte, braccio destro di Pinochet, Sergio Arellano Stark. Vigente l’autoamnistia fu condannato ad appena sei anni per 75 omicidi, scontati in una clinica di lusso. Era uno degli imputati nel Processo Condor in corso a Roma.

Quando la carovana della morte arrivò a Temuco nel sud del Cile, ai primi dekllk’ottobre del 1973,  “scomparve” dalla base aerea di Maquehue Omar Venturelli.

Ecco l’articolo del New York Times del 18 marzo 2016:



Sergio Arellano Stark, Chilean General Who Led Death Squad, Dies at 94




Sergio Arellano Stark, a Chilean general whose airborne “Caravan of Death” murdered opponents of the 1973 coup that deposed Chile’s democratically elected president, Salvador Allende, died on March 9 in Santiago de Chile. He was 94.

His death, from complications of dementia, was confirmed by the Chilean Defense Ministry.

General Arellano was a principal architect of the coup of Sept. 11, 1973, that installed Augusto Pinochet, a fellow army general, as president. He went on to provide the muscle that brutally consolidated Pinochet’s power in the early days of what would be a 17-year reign.

“Pinochet set in motion a series of massacres that came to be known as ‘the Caravan of Death,’ ” Peter Kornbluh wrote in “The Pinochet File: A Declassified Dossier on Atrocity and Accountability” (2003).

Pinochet, he continued, dispatched General Arellano “to ‘expedite’ justice in the cases of political prisoners — regional representatives of the Popular Unity government, mayors, police chiefs, prominent trade unionists and civic leaders in the northern provinces.”

“They were removed from their cells, taken away, brutalized, bayoneted and shot,” he added. Mr. Kornbluh is the director of the Chile documentation project at the National Security Archive, a research group.

Ferried by helicopter across the country over several weeks, General Arellano and his combat troops, overruling local commanders, singled out dissidents who had been arrested on trumped-up charges and ordered them summarily executed.

His death squad was implicated in the murder or disappearance of more than 75 Chileans, among the estimated 3,000 who died or disappeared during Pinochet’s tenure.

“It signaled that the most important elements of the armed forces were intent not just on pacifying the country, but on exterminating the left,” Mark Ensalaco wrote in 2000 in the book “Chile Under Pinochet: Recovering the Truth.”

General Arellano retired in 1976. Two years later Pinochet imposed a sweeping amnesty for human rights violations committed after he seized power. But in 1999, the Chilean Supreme Court carved out an exception for unsolved kidnappings and for cases in which bodies were never found.

Pinochet died in 2006. To the end he challenged the charges of human rights violations and defended his regime as an economically vital alternative to the communist threat represented by Allende, a democratically elected Marxist. Allende died during the coup as troops were storming the presidential palace. An autopsy in 2011 established that he had shot himself in a suicide.

General Arellano was charged in 1999 in connection with 18 disappearances and the next year with “qualified murder” in four deaths. He maintained his innocence, insisting that any atrocities were committed by local troops who had exceeded his orders.

The court disagreed, sentencing him in 2008 to six years’ imprisonment. His sentence was suspended because of poor health, which doctors attributed to the onset of Alzheimer’s.

General Arellano was born in Santiago on June 10, 1921. He attended the United States Army Command and General Staff College and spent his career in the military. He was married and had two children.

Pascale Bonnefoy contributed reporting from Santiago, Chile.


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2 Responses to Morto in Cile Sergio Arellano Stark, aveva diretto la Carovana della Morte con Pinochet, era sotto processo a Roma

  1. General Sergio Arellano Stark was under direct orders of Dictator Pinochet when sent to implement massive killings. He flew with his “Caravana de la Muerte. He received full protection of all dictatorial State powers: that covered up, failed to judge all crimes against humanity, refused to condemn the criminals nor it made them to repair people, families, communities for the imposed suffering on to the civil society, workers, First Nations, children women, elderly. Imposed poverty and stealing lands from First Nations became a new routine. Decree 701 still permits to dissposessed indigenous people in favour of the forestry tycoons. Over and above this, the government uses a “dirty war” that detains, torture and terrorizes the population.
    Arellano Stark was given protection by refusing to use the penal code and simply using the “military Justice”, a misnomer for justice, as it never put on trial him or any other criminal belonging to the armed forces or police. Arellano was given as present the diagnosis of Alzheimer… Making him the longest survivor of that illness: over 40 years, something never observed in medicine. Pinochet received the same gift: to avoid justice, he was provided with diagnosis of dementia in London, by the UK government, which allowed him to live at home until 2006. His crimes and economic delincuency were not judged… And are still in total impunity.
    Demented people are not criminals against humanity, nor they cause huge frauds and much less survive this long.

    The colusión of powers during Pinochet and after him still works and the embezzlement of the entire country by tycoons is not likely to lead to justice. Former president Piñera managed to increase his personal by over 250% being now US$2,500,000,000,000. He built his fortune under Pinochet’s protection, like, Lukeic, Matte, Angelini, Paulmann and many others.other

    Chile is by no means a democratic country. Illegal detentions, torture, particularly to indigenous people (about 1.5 million people) and workers, and students. Chileans despise the false democracy and demand to establish a Constituent Assembly to have, for the first in history, a true Constitution. The upcoming electoral process, which is completely illegitimate and repudiated by Chileans, is likely to involved less than 40% of the total potential electorate… Voiding of any democratic content such us Mrs Bachelet (she was voted by some 26%) and Piñera by about 28% of the same potential total electorate! The type of economy, the violations of people’s, the dirty war against the indigenous people, the lack of Justice and lack of equity with full protection to frauds and corruptions by governmental authorities, member of parliament, ministers and armed forces/police make Chile a masquerade of democracy.

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