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lunedì, 15 Aprile, 2013

Newtown Families Reportedly Seated Near Boston Marathon Explosions

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The last mile of the Boston Marathon was dedicated to families of the Newtown shooting victims — and the honored families were seated in the VIP section of the race near where the explosions went off on April 15. Read on for more details.

The families of Newtown shooting victims, who experienced unspeakable tragedy when 20 children and six adults were killed during the Dec. 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, suffered again on April 15 during the Boston Marathon after two bombs exploded near the finish line of the race, especially since the Newtown families were reportedly seated in the VIP section near the end of the race, according to The Atlantic Wire.

Last Mile Of Boston Marathon Dedicated To Newtown Families

Mile 26, the last mile, of the Boston Marathon was dedicated to the families of Newtown in honor of the 26 lives lost during the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on April 11, just days before the iconic race. A moment of silence — 26 seconds — was also held before the marathon in honor of the victims.

The families of Newtown were also reportedly seated in the VIP section of the race, which was near the end of the finish line — right where the explosions went off.

Boston Marathon Bombing: 2 Dead, 100 Injured

On April 15 during the annual Boston Marathon, two explosions went off near the finish line, and nearly 100 people were injured. Two people died, and several more are in the hospital.

Boston is essentially on lockdown, and flights are not entering or leaving the city. Cell phone service was suspended in the entire city to prevent any more explosives from being detonated.

WATCH: Boston Marathon Blast Two Bomb Explosions at Finish Line

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